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Dreams, Visions

Plant Medicine, Alchemy



A Gathering of Warriors




 A book about the alchemy of life for today's emerging consciousness. Stories within stories attempting to bring together everything that really matters, the deep love within us that is the source of our existence. Taking place in the sixteenth century, a very interesting time indeed, the stories take us to places where time and space are transcended.



"The journey back was full of strange incidents. While still walking down the mountain from the temple he encountered a middle-aged man, a pilgrim who was harvesting blessings from all the temples where the Saints had sung. The pilgrim approached him and went down on his knee holding his hand on his head. He said something to him in Hindu and then he said ‘Namaste’  and walked away with a smile."  


Out Now!

Ghostdancing in Venice


This book is about life, visions, dreams. Ancient memories, spiritual traditions, magic; exploring what is real, Oneness. A blend of new and old age spirituality, examined through the inner journey, those real and life changing experiences. Life is a paradox, or is it? The story is about all this and more.



"He realised he would never feel alone any more, he had

been re-born awake, with the awareness that he was

always part of the sacred circle of life. Every moment

became something like a prayer, only much deeper, unspoken.

The flowers and grasses in the clearings, the ferns,

brambles, trees, everything around him became less solid,

emitting a colourful light around it, the light blending

together like the threads in a carpet, uniting to form a sea

of liquid fire."



An inspirational and visionary book

Kevin McTiernan


I liked the descriptions about the places and the people. The characters have the most unusual names.
The plot is happy at times, sad at others. I would highly recommend this book 

M. Wijesinghe


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