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Greece: The Torch of Hope

Greece: The Torch of Hope Ελλαδα Ο Δαυλος της Ελπιδας From the ancient times of city-states to today, Greece has struggled to find unity. Even in times of war, facing a common enemy, local interests and political party affiliations have often superseded national interest. In more recent history, after four hundred years of Ottoman rule, the new Greek state began its financial existence in the debt of European monetary powers, and since then (1827) it has been an economic colony. For the past two hundred years the disease of division and ignorance, and the exploitation by the powerful international financial institutions have plagued the country. Add to that a series of corrupt/incompetent governments in the past 50 years and a renewed channel of debt and exploitation through the introduction of an unprepared and unfit Greek economy to the EU and we end up today at another junction of the same story: An incompetent government that puts its narrow party political interests over what is good for the country, which brings division and polarization, and of course the boot of the monetary institutions on our face. On the same road but further down, the wake-up call after a 20 year period of living in the illusion that because we joined the EU we will have prosperity forever, without ever putting our own house in order, without facing the immense corruption and systemic changes needed to develop from a parochial economic colony to a unified modern country. Now, in the face of extreme adversity, the only open road is that of Peace, Oneness and Compassion. This is the real deal. Peace can only come through the realization that we are all on the same boat, it’s heading for the rocks and we have to act together to bring it around. It applies to Greece as much as it applies to the whole world. Faith in Peace means we can cut our expenditure in weapons and use the funds to develop the economy and bring a better life to all. This also applies to the whole world. Imagine living in Peace! Oneness means a government of national unity that isn’t entrenched in 20th century party political ideologies, but acts to bring Unity, accepting and fulfilling the responsibility to always act in the interest of all the people. In Unity with all Europeans who are searching for the best way forward beyond the corruption, collusion and the cycles of exploitation. Compassion, because it is the only road to becoming truly human. No country can sustainably keep borrowing money only to pay the interest on its debts. The debt payment has to at least be deferred until the economy recovers enough to start paying it back. End the blame game, refuse to be a victim, let’s move on! Drastic change is inevitable; only Love can conquer fear. Open hearts. Dream Big, Greece could be the torch of Hope for this troubled world, Dream Peace!

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